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For the Fleeing and Flying [entries|friends|calendar]
For the Fleeing and Flying.

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Runing away [30 Oct 2017|05:12pm]
I have been planning to runaway soon, I do not yet have a set day but I do have a plan that includes a place to stay, transportation, and a manual labor job for me. I am 17 male in California, I would like to find others who would be interested in running, I like to help people and wouldn't mind sharing my plan, another who would be helping me in running is a girl age 18 who can rent the place to live and with her having an ID it would be extremely helpful for travels. Together we have about $2000, it is not alot but possibly enough to get started with new lives and a place.
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I want to Leave, and need Help [17 May 2017|07:03pm]
[ mood | Impatient ]

I've been planning my runaway for quite a while now, all I need is one person who can either A) Provide proof they're 17, or older, or B) Can give me a ride. If somebody can help me get to my location, I would be more then happy to involve you on my plan. This includes providing a free place to stay, until you can pay for a house, and providing a job set up.
I'm having trouble contacting people right now, making it difficult to further my plan without finding somebody who can help me. Anyways if somebody could help me with the progress on my plan it would be amazing. I'm happy to provide all that I have for anybody who can help me. My friend will do all that he can in order to help.

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I ran away at 16, and I'm 27 now. Here's how I did it [21 Jan 2017|11:30pm]


Hi, name is Sean. Title is accurate. Basically when I was a kid
I lived with a bunch of drug addicts that didn't seem to give a shit about their children. Rather than pay bills, etc they had us in povery. I got tired of that bullshit so I ran away.

Here's what I did

First off I had to get money. I don't give a fuck what you say, runaways need funds. A lot. What I did was, well, I stole it from my parents and some other really nasty stupid people. I stole credit cards, wrote down numbers/pins, and sold a bunch of shit. So I started with 400$ and I'd take a little at a time until I had enough.

Then I took a bus (bought ticket online) greyhound doesn't bother to out who you are or what you carry as long as it is under th weight limit. I left SC and went to Kansas city and when I got off the bus, I went and found an abandoned house to squat in. So I ate, and slept, and I eventually spent like a year doing that. I turned 17 and went and signed up for a GED. got it. I went to churches and got free food. Met some good people. Lied said I was homeless. Tricked alot of people into helping me. I had help getting a job. I worked. Had help getting a place to stay. I eventually moved into a boarding house, tht was good because they was strangers that didn't give a shit who I was. Long story short by lying and not trusting anyone other than dumb Christian types I successfully ran away and now I am doing just fine. I am not saying that you should consider this a guide, but this is what I did. I'm a guy btw.

So basically you guys would have better chances if you planned it out and it would really help if you knew how to disappear. You can't talk to no adult. You can't tell anyone anything. If you run away with someone else it'll be twice as hard. You gotta be able to deal with being alone and you gotta know where to go to get resources. 100$ will last maybe three days. A thousand maybe a week. That's if you got it and you eat three times a day. One thing I wanna say is when you out and gone and need to charge your phone or whatever go to public library. You can hang out all day ,leave go back to your shelter or whatever eat go to sleep no one will give a shit you'll be fine. Again I'm not an expert but I planned out my running away over three days, and that was eleven years ago people. Hope someone get
some kind of help from this because running away is a lot of bullshit

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No longer need a companion [18 Jan 2017|05:58pm]
Im no longer in need of a companion, im leaving at the end of February. Sorry, ignore my last entry
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OTHER POST [21 Dec 2016|09:31am]
Ignore my other post that I think is three down. It is no longer correct and I would like to just delete it, but I have no idea how. That's all. Thank you!
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[15 Oct 2016|11:54am]
Anyone in Canada want to go to Vancouver island? I'm 19/f, so you must be 18 or older. I won't go out of my way just to get to where you are, so you must be willing to travel alone for the first bit and meet me along the way. I live in Saskatchewan. If you're interested, you can email me YoungThingWildDreams@gmail.com
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runaway friend [28 Sep 2016|01:42am]
anyone interested in running away with me im 16 but 17 soon i have a bit of money saved up im very intelligent we wont get caught thats a promise , i need someone serious who wont punk out needs to live in the u.s must be between 15-18 must have something to contribute . like some money , a car , or a place for us to stay in a different state . before we leave we are going to have to plan for a week , we will protect eachother and girls only btw please i need someone i cant do it by myself . no more than to people . email me at abibbs1217@gmail.com
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[11 Sep 2016|04:36pm]
Hey I'm Anna. I'm 15, almost 16 and I want to run away. I am tired of everything about my life. I don't have a terrible home life or anything, I just can't take it anymore. I need to be free. I am from Columbus, Ohio and I'm looking for someone to run away with me. I really want to do this, but can't do it alone.

Looking for:
Male or female
somewhere near me
willing to leave as soon as possible
would be great if you could drive/have a car

If you are interested, email me at aa1028200@gmail.com
please hurry
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Run away companion [26 Aug 2016|04:47pm]
Hello my name is Kimberly i live in Houston Texas.
Im planning on running away and im looking for a companion?
I am 15 and im tired of being in a place i am not welcomed if you are interested in running away with me send me an email to kimberlygarcianj@gmail.com
I want to run

Run away with me! [10 Aug 2016|02:40pm]
Hello! I hope this is still active... I've been planning to run away for a while now, and I finally want to do it. Soon.
I'm 17 (female) and look for at least one other person to run away with (But like, the more the merrier, right?)
The problem is, I live in germany, so meeting up with someone from America/etc could be... hard.
I don't really have any 'rules' for anyone, but it would be super great if you had a car and some money! (I'm still working one the money-part myself)
Age and gender doesn't really matter. Just be a nice person.

If you're interested you can e-mail me at bloedkuh@gmx.net!
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Spirit journey [30 Jun 2016|07:01am]
Have you ever felt out of place? Like you are just going through the steps day after day... There is this emptiness has not been filled. I am 27. Male. Financially stable. I own a home. I have lots of friends. But none of this fills the void in my heart. I want to go discover myself. Travel the country?

Im a tradesman so i can take my work with me and find jobs easily. I have my own vehicle. I have a few thousand saved up. I am very fit and healthy. The only thing i ask is that you are drug free and free spirited. Also have some of your own money saved. I cant be a sugar daddy :P. Males or females are welcome. Lets see where life takes us.

Email me at Urban9180@gmail.com. Ill gladly share anything you wish to know
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Leaving Chicago at the end of the month [13 Jun 2016|07:58am]
Hi all, I am planning on leaving Chicago at the end of the month to get away from an ex girlfriend and various other reasons. I am 31, have 2k saved up, plan on taking busses the whole way, not sure yet where to, maybe Florida, California, Colorado, New Mexico? Someplace with better climate. Not looking forward to going alone, if anyone out there wants to try a new start we can travel together. Thanks.
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Runaway companion [22 Mar 2016|01:50pm]
Im looking for someone who is as serious as i am, to runaway with. Im 15 (female), i have my reason to runaway (which i will tell you once we get in contact) i live somewhere in asia, it doesnt really matter where you live as long as you are cooperative we could discuss how and where we'll meet and then runaway together.

However, i have preferences on what im looking for a partner:

-you must be 15-19 years old.
-can be boys/girls i dont really care, as long as you are cooperative and respective towards each other.
-independent. By this i mean, you do have money to runaway. I dont have much right now but im working on it.
-no stealing, drugs, and please be completely honest to each other so we cant cooperate.

If you are interested, please email me at :


And we can plan and discuss anything further.

Hope to hear from any of you soon.
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come with me [02 Jun 2015|09:42pm]

im looking for someone thats as serious about this as i am. i know this is dangerous, asking some stranger to run away with me but im desperate.
im basically looking for someone to travel with. someone who is okay with not really having a "home".. someone trustworthy and kind. someone who can handle me and my moods and shit...

i mean the only sort of rules (?) i guess that i have is that i dont really want anyone like older than 18.. i do have my preferences though

18 or younger
self capable
girl (guys too but you know.. safety stuff)

im just really desperate. i need to get out of here before i loose myself completely. this isn't to spite my parents or a "phase every teenager goes through" this is who i am. or who i think i am i dont know.. after all im leaving to find out who im supposed to be.

if youre interested, email me @julietp3t@gmail.com
and we can further discuss everything there.
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Run away with me? [03 Oct 2014|09:09pm]

[ mood | bored of this life ]


-Named Brittney (call me Britt)
-16 years old
-Live in Northern Virginia
-depression, anxiety, yada yada


-Around my age, 17 or younger
-Female pref.
-I ain't racist, long as you can speak English (due to communication) I'm open to traveling with you
-Live nearby or have the ability to meet me
-Patient and understanding


My hope is to travel around for a while, maybe hit California or something, maybe Boston. I want to experience the world, the country. I hope to learn new things and experience things I'd never thought possible for myself. I want to learn to be happy.

My goal is to get to England and maybe (just maybe) settle down there. Not sure yet, we'd have to talk.

If you think you'd like to join me then please email me at [Spoiler (click to open)]

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Looking for someone to Run Away with [22 Jul 2014|05:44pm]
I want to find someone to Run Away with. I have money and I want to Run Away to California. We would be taking busses all the way there. I'm 15 and I live in hampton,Virginia I would like to find someone in or near where I live, it's ok if you don't but I perfer that you do. I don't care if you're a guy or girl just as long as we can trust each other and be good friends. you can contact me at brownalexus77@yahoo.com or just message me here or both.
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I need someone to run away with [14 Jul 2014|02:33am]

Ok so i want to run away to oklahoma to get my girlfriend so we can runaway to michigan with 2 of our other friends. I want to go really soon. I just dont want to do it alone. I need someone to go with. I dont care if your a guy or a girl. If you have a car or at least some money for us to get on a bus or something that would be great. If you want to join and for more info just email me at martinez_jani@yahoo.com :)
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Running away [30 Jun 2014|10:20pm]

I want to find someone who will runaway with me to california. I already have a place for us to stay and we would be taking busses all the way to cali. I live in wilmington, north carolina and was hoping to leave with someone from around here. Im fun to be around and i dont judge people for who they are. Im 15 and i dont care if your a guy or a girl. I would go alone but i prefer going with someone so we can protect each other. If your interested please email me at ravekitty1531@yahoo.com :)
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Planning on running away [30 Apr 2014|04:00pm]
I'd like to run away with someone, someone who will bare with me and not go back.
The reason why i want to runaway is because i'm tired of everyday life, stress, depression, just the fact that i feel like a robot and don't have a certain goal in my life wich is bringing me down!
I live in Latvia and i'm 16 i don't have a lot of money but i'm gonna start collecting.
My native language is not English but i'm sure it's enough.
If you'd like to runaway with me then here's my email - m.comfort88@gmail.com
Really looking forward to running away with someone! :)
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Looking for a friend to run away with [14 Apr 2014|09:16pm]
Okay guys, so I'm a 15 year old girl in northern Indiana. I need to get out of here and I was thinking of leaving next month. I have some money but not a lot. I was hoping to get a friend to come with me to someplace warm where we wouldn't get caught. I don't care if you're a boy or girl, as long as you're friendly.
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